New York New York!

Going on an adventure in our Brave New World is an opportunity to meet people with whom we have a lot in common. With these kindred spirits – pun definitely intended – we share unforgettable moments, bouts of conviviality, tastes and experiences… we indulge in a common awakening of the senses, if you will! Add a dash of diversity to this experience, and that is when thrilling discoveries happen. One cannot truly experience the World without engaging in the dance of its diverse cultures, regions and countries. One and a thousand cultural and culinary influences, a variety of tastes and aromas that condition desires and appreciation… so many possibilities and directions.

And thus, to be adopted and welcomed in a country other than your own, to please its market, is an extraordinary satisfaction. To us, it is a confirmation of success. The subtle blends that compose each of our rums’ identities is a pathway that connects us with those who appreciate them, be they in Mauritius or thousands of miles away. Each bottle we produce is a fusion of cultures and people, a meeting of kindred spirits!



Bar Convent Brooklyn, New York City: once upon a time, the US of A

In this context, every opportunity to meet a market and interact with other professionals is particularly rewarding. In June 2019, New Grove has participated in the Bar Convent Brooklyn, which is held every year in the Big Apple. Since its launch in 2016, BCB has become a major meeting point for bar operators and professionals in the spirits sector. An exceptional opportunity for New Grove to present products, to converse about techniques & expertise; to understand the major consumption trends and developments in the sector. BCB is a dynamic professional event that paves the way for meetings, exchanges and specialisation. Of course, the BCB is also a golden opportunity to discover and create new products.


Our 2019 objective: to strengthen our penetration of the New York and Northern American markets as a 5-star rum, to fine-tune our positioning, and affirm our place in this market as rum that is 100% produced in Mauritius from field to glass.


New branding and product tasting

This trip was also a grand premiere for New Grove’s new identity. The BCB was the perfect venue for us to showcase our brand universe and the images of each of its products.  It is with immense pride that we participated in the enrichment of the incredible array of premium products presented this year by Bar Convent Brooklyn. Our 100% Mauritian rum has been gaining popularity in the US market since 2016. The Silver Rum, Dark Rum and Spiced with Mauritian Rum, all from our Exotic Collection, as well as some of our old rums are among the North American connoisseurs’ preferred New Grove spirits.



Our American adventure began in Texas through our partnership with a local distributor. New Grove’s journey in North America has gradually been extended to renowned institutions in New York. An inroad that is strengthening on the global market, thanks to the continued success of New Grove; such as the Gold Medal won in September at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2019 or the honouring of Mauritius scheduled at the BCB Berlin’s Country of Honour initiative from 07 to 09 October 2019.